Ronnalee is smiling, outside on a sunny day, arms crossed. The water is in the background.

Ronnalee McMahon


(Sechelt) For the past 20 years, Ronnalee has been involved in international human rights and poverty issues and served as a director for Future Generations Canada, which supported community based programs in health care, education and rebuilding civil society in Afghanistan.  For four years, Ronnalee served as Communication Committee Chair for Habitat for Humanity (Calgary) and co-chaired the Volunteer Recruitment Committee.  Ronnalee has served as a director for the Calgary Girls School.  She is the founder of a Western Canada organization that helps to increase women’s participation, fulfillment, value and leadership in the workplace.  Under her leadership, Lilith Professional has been expanded to include programming for women from the classroom to the boardroom. Lilith Professional has grown from eight participating companies in 2008 to 56 companies.  Ronnalee remains deeply committed to a world that is inclusive of all.

Ronnalee returned to the Sunshine Coast in 2018 following many years of her parents calling Roberts Creek their home.  She enjoys paddling the pristine waters of the Sunshine Coast, hiking, and cycling