Apply for Funding

Each year, the Foundation awards grants to local Sunshine Coast charities. The amount varies from year to year depending on investment earnings. Several granting streams match different organizational needs.

Community Prosperity Fund

For more information about the Community Prosperity Fund, please follow this link.

Responsive Community Grants

The Responsive Community Grants stream awards grants of up to $10,000 for serviceable community projects or programs. These grants ‘respond’ to local and current needs as demonstrated in applications submitted by local organizations. Learn more about the program timeline, guidelines, eligibility, and restrictions here.

Intentional Community Grants

The Intentional Community Grants stream offers grants of up to $40,000 per year – for up to three years – for organizations, programs, or projects that address a priority challenge identified in our latest Vital Signs reports.  Please note the next application opportunity for Intentional Community Grants is to be determined.

Out-of-Cycle Grants

The Foundation will occasionally consider requests for small grants for exceptional projects serving populations on the Sunshine Coast that are time-sensitive and cannot wait for the annual Responsive Community Grants program. We are not currently accepting Out-of-Cycle Grants requests.

Canada Cultural Investment Fund

The Department of Canadian Heritage offers an endowment fund matching program to arts & culture organizations that offer public performances. DCH will match up to 100% of donations from private donors received by such organizations.