Community Foundation updates Name and Public Identity

Nearly two decades after its creation, the Sunshine Coast Community Foundation is changing its name and refreshing its public identity. As of October 16, 2020, the organization will be known as the ‘Sunshine Coast Foundation’.

“We are not as well known as we ought to be for the work that we do, and many people confuse us with other local organizations having similar names,” said Foundation Board Chair Manjit Kang. “We feel that ‘Sunshine Coast Foundation’ clearly communicates who we are and the focus of our efforts.”

A bold new logo reflects both the dynamism and durability of the Foundation.   At the same time, the Foundation has adopted a new motto: ‘Building Community. Creating a Legacy.’

“’Community’ is at the heart of what we do, and it was important that the word appear in our tag line,” Kang explained.

The Sunshine Coast Foundation’s mission and commitment to serving the people and organizations of the Sunshine Coast remain the same. Pooling the gifts of many donors, the Foundation has established a $6 Million asset that is carefully invested. Each year, the Foundation provides funding to local charitable organizations from the earnings on its investments. In 2020, the Foundation awarded more than $168,000 in grants to worthy local projects.

It also established a COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund that is supporting organizations who are struggling because of the pandemic. So far, it has awarded more than $120,000 from that fund, and is still accepting both donations and applications.

The Sunshine Coast Foundation will remain a part of the national network of community foundations. A new website is in creation and will be launched soon. Please contact the foundation with any questions or for more information at 604.741.7360.

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