Coast-Wide Food Banks Campaign

Don’t Let Families Go Hungry

Most of us are fortunate enough not to have to think about where our next meal is coming from. But too many families on the Sunshine Coast do not have that privilege. A variety of circumstances can result in families running short of supplies before their next pay cheque. With soaring housing prices and rent costs, people sometimes must choose between paying for shelter and having a meal.

Fortunately, there are four food banks on the Sunshine Coast whose purpose is to provide healthy food choices to those who, for whatever reason, need to supplement their food resources.

The Sunshine Coast Food Bank, operated by Sunshine Coast Community Services Society in Sechelt, the Pender Harbour Food Bank, and the Salvation Army and St. Bart’s Food Banks, both in Gibsons, have joined together to ensure that food is available whenever families need it. They have established a permanent endowment with the Sunshine Coast Foundation. Over time this endowment will grow to support annual grants from the Foundation to each of the food banks to fund their operations. While grants from the endowment will never fund 100% of the food banks’ operations, they will provide a perpetual and sustainable source of revenues.

This spring, the four local food banks are hoping to raise $100,000. All four food banks are collaborating to fundraise to support their current and future operations.

Please consider supporting this worthy effort. You can give to the permanent endowment, or you can specify that your gift be used immediately by one, two, three, or all four food banks.

To make an immediate credit card donation, visit our Donations Page and choose Coast-wide Food Banks Fund.

To choose another method of payment, please visit our Ways of Giving page and let us know how to direct your gift.


Jack and Sheila Carlson Family Endowment

Jack and Sheila Carlson have had strong ties to the Sunshine Coast for many years. Sheila’s great aunt had property in Roberts Creek, and Sheila has spent time on the Coast since her birth. When Sheila met Jack and brought him to visit, Jack also fell in love with the area.