Privacy Policy

Purpose of collecting, using and disclosing personal information from Donors

The Foundation typically collects personal information from donors, including their names, contact information, the amount of their donations, information which helps the Foundation process the donations and understand the donors’ reasons for making a donation, and the identity or types of organizations or causes they wish their donation to support.

In most cases, the Foundation:

  • must obtain consent from the donor to collect, use or disclose the donor’s personal information.  Before consent can be obtained, the Foundation must specify the purposes for the information is being collected, used or disclosed.
  • cannot collect, use or disclose personal information from donors for any purposes other than those specific purposes for which consent has been obtained from the donor.

If a representative of the Foundation intends to collect, use or disclose personal information for a purpose for which the Foundation has not obtained consent, then the representative should consult with the Privacy Officer to determine whether the proposed collection, use or disclosure is authorized.

The Foundation ordinarily collects, uses, and discloses donors’ personal information for the following reasons:

  • processing donations and investing funds;
  • managing or transferring assets or liabilities of the Foundation; and
  • complying with legal and regulatory requirements, including reporting donations to CRA.

The above purposes are a necessary part of the Foundation’s relationship with its donors.  The Foundation cannot accept a donation if the donor objects to his or her personal information being collected, used and disclosed for these purposes.

The Foundation may also collect, use and disclose donors’ personal information for the following optional purposes:

  • issuing a receipt to donors;
  • contacting donors regarding future campaigns and special events;
  • donor recognition, including posting donors’ names and donor recognition category on the Foundation’s website or in other publications;
  • promoting the activities of the Foundation, and
  • any other purpose for which the Foundation informs a donor it intends to use or disclose the donor’s information.

A donor may withhold consent to the Foundation collecting, using, or disclosing the donor’s personal information for any of these or other optional purposes.

The Foundation’s Privacy Officer under the BC Protection of Information and Privacy Act is the Chair of the Board. To reach the Privacy Officer, email the Foundation’s Executive Director.

The full Privacy Policy can be downloaded here.