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Did you know?
Research shows that only 7% of Canadians would leave money to charity in their will in the absence of a specific discussion around charitable giving. However, the figure rises to 27% – more than a three-fold increase – if the issue is raised with them, perhaps when drawing up a will or financial plan.

In a 2019 survey of Sunshine Coast residents, more than 22% had included a gift to one or more charities in their wills and another 16% planned to do so. 27% had not given it any thought. Of those planning to include a gift, the largest cohort (22%) are younger than 35 years. The largest cohort of those intending to leave a gift to charity (18%) earn more than $85,000 annually.

There is clearly a significant opportunity to assist your clients to give back to their community. Add charitable planning to your practice – or enhance what you already do – with practical online tools and resources designed for you and your clients.

With more than 80 years of charitable experience, community foundations can help you build a stronger relationship with your clients and make a difference in your community at the same time.

Raising the issue of charitable giving with your clients can by deeply rewarding – on both a personal and professional level. And when you discuss philanthropy with your clients, you’ll not only have an opportunity to build a closer relationship with them, you’ll also learn about their passions and interests as well as their vision for a better tomorrow.

With more than 18 years of experience working closely with local charities, Sunshine Coast Foundation can help you build a stronger relationship with your clients and make a difference in your community at the same time. And unlike most charities that support a specific cause or issue, our mandate is to serve donors and support the entire charitable sector from Egmont to Port Mellon.

Tips for talking with clients

Professional advisors are in a unique position to support their clients to realize their philanthropic goals by helping to design charitable gifts that can maximize tax and other financial planning benefits. The Sunshine Coast Foundation can provide additional support as we can share our knowledge and expertise about local charities and how best to support your clients in their charitable wishes. Please see our suggestions about bequests and sample wording.

Professional Advisors Who Know the Value of Working with Community Foundations

Throughout his years as a lawyer specializing in estate planning, Mark Horne has had the opportunity to introduce many people to their community foundation as a vehicle for philanthropy.

“I can recommend our community foundation to many of my clients because it is more global in scope than a single-purpose charity,” says Mark.

“As well, while established to benefit the entire community, it is also uniquely equipped to meet the particular wishes of individual donors.”

Jill McAlpine is a financial consultant with decades of experience who understands the multiple benefits of charitable giving, so it’s a subject she always addresses with clients.

“I want my clients to have the inside track on the most pressing issues and the organizations doing good work in their community,” says McAlpine.

“I can’t be an expert on all the charities that my clients might be interested in – but my community foundation has those connections in the community,” she says. “It’s a local resource that allows people to be charitable in a very personal and meaningful way.”

Stories: Schell Family Endowment

Storytelling has been a tradition for generations of the Schell Family. Anne and Bill Schell shared their love of literature through weekly library visits, reading aloud and bedtime stories, and giving the gift of books on special occasions to their children and grandchildren. They believed that reading was a way to open the doors to learning, adventure, and entertainment. The Schell Family Endowment will support the legacy of literacy that the Sunshine Coast Festival of the Written Arts is passionately pledged to.