Investing in the Future of the Sunshine Coast

A black and white image of US Navy Commander Stan Fallander in his Nave uniform, smiling. When retired US Navy Commander Stan Fallander moved to the Sunshine Coast in 2001, he found a community that was small and vibrant. A man with strong character and morals, Stan believed in helping others and encouraged everyone around him to do the same. He spent 22 years as a Naval aviator (1943-1964) and saw his military career as a way of serving the larger community. Stan flew in the South Pacific in World War II and was awarded the Navy Medal of Commendation. He served on the USS Gilbert Islands and the USS Leyte, before retiring, in 1964, to live with his wife and family in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Stan was over 80 years old when he moved to Gibsons, but his love of electronics and people fueled his desire to keep up to date with what was happening. He learned how to use a computer so he could email his friends. He was keenly interested in politics and current events and had a deep love for organ and classical music.

Stan passed away on August 1, 2007, shortly after celebrating his 89th birthday, but his name lives on through the generous gift of insurance proceeds he gave to the Sunshine Coast Foundation. Stan heard about the Foundation through friends and felt it was managed by people of integrity who cared about their community. He saw the Foundation’s vision to strengthen local participation in philanthropic projects as one that would enhance life on the Sunshine Coast for many people. Stan was proud that he and his family could contribute in a meaningful way to his new community.

Stan didn’t choose to dedicate his gift to a specific area of interest but wanted to benefit the entire Sunshine Coast. The Foundation’s operating costs were appealing to him, and he saw the opportunity to create a fund to benefit his community in perpetuity. His daughter, Dr. Christine Bird, who practices locally, as well as his other family and friends, are proud of the legacy Stan Fallander helped to create.

To this day, Stan’s gift keeps on giving. A portion of his gift was placed in the Community Legacy Fund, which is the heart of the Sunshine Coast Foundation. This fund has maximum flexibility in order to respond to changing community needs. Grants from this fund are awarded annually in response to applications accepted each spring from local charities. In addition, part of Stan’s gift was placed in an endowment held by the Vancouver Foundation, which continues to grant to the Sunshine Coast Foundation annually to support our operations.

The Sunshine Coast Foundation is grateful to acknowledge Stan Fallander, and the continued improvements within this community that are directly related to his thoughtful generosity.


Investing in the future of the Sunshine Coast is simple. Learn how you can leave a gift to the Sunshine Coast Foundation and contribute to a long legacy, just like Stan Fallander. Please contact us at 604-741-7360 or

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