Vital Signs

Vital Signs is a national program led by community foundations and coordinated by Community Foundations of Canada.  It leverages local knowledge to measure the vitality of our communities and support action towards improving our collective quality of life.

What’s New?

A new report from the Sunshine Coast Foundation and Living Wage for Families BC has estimated that the 2021 living wage for the Sunshine Coast is $19.79 per hour. The living wage is the hourly pay that two parents must earn to provide for the basic expenses for a family of four. (Living Wage Canada) 

It is the amount that each adult must make to support the basic expenses of a family with two young children, once government taxes, credits, deductions, and subsidies are considered. It is different from, and usually higher than, the minimum wage, which is the legal minimum that employers must pay. 

“The pandemic has revealed how much of our economy depends on undervalued and underpaid workers in service and care industries”, said Anastasia French, Living Wage for Families BC Organizer. “Public sector employers and private companies can support poverty reduction efforts and pandemic recovery by paying a living wage. This will stimulate the local economy because lower-income families tend to purchase close to home,” she added. 

While a living wage is one opportunity to ensure that local families can make ends meet, public policies can also help by reducing the cost of necessities. For example, the report notes the provincial government’s decision to eliminate MSP premiums 

Read the full Living Wage Report 2021.  

In September 2020, in collaboration with the Whistler Community Foundation, the Squamish Community Foundation, the Bowen Island Community Foundation, and the West Vancouver Foundation, the Sunshine Coast Foundation published A Vital Exploration. This extensive report compares indicators of community health among the communities of the Greater Sea-to-Sky and Howe Sound regions. It highlights the many challenges that we face in common and provides a platform for future cooperation and collaboration. 

Links to all Vital Signs reports are available here. 

Stories: Eleanor Thielke and David Cox Scholarship Fund

One of the newest endowments at the Community Foundation is the Eleanor Thielke and David Cox Scholarship Fund. The decision to set up a Scholarship Fund to enable high school students to attend University extends back a generation and represents the love of learning that Eleanor’s and David’s families felt strongly about. Education was the most important thing for their parents, who believed that with an education, hard work, and helping each other, their children could achieve confidence and success throughout their adult lives.